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Nuclear has three kinds of provider plugins: metadata, streaming, and lyrics. They are shown in the plugins section, available from the sidebar menu on the left.
  • Metadata providers are what powers the search engine. You can select them from the plugins section, or from the dropdown next to the search box. The default one is Discogs, as it provides the best results for most users, and is also the fastest. The selected metadata source will return information about artists and albums when you start a search.
  • Streaming providers are where the actual music comes from. The default streaming provider is Youtube. When you add a track to the queue, the streaming provider will try to find a matching stream for you to listen to (with the exception of local tracks). Note that some providers have a limited availability of music.
  • Lyrics providers are only used to display the song lyrics, which you can go to from the sidebar menu. The default one searches on several websites and returns whatever it finds.