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Development process

How to run Nuclear in development mode and start coding


Ensure that you have installed the prerequisites:
  • Node.js LTS (18)
  • npm v8
  • git
  • Your platform's build tools required to recompile native dependencies.
  • Linux is recommended (but not required) for development


Start by cloning the repository:
$ git clone [email protected]:nukeop/nuclear.git
Go to the project root and install the dependencies:
$ cd nuclear
$ npm install
This will install the dependencies in the project root, and automatically link the local packages with lerna.
Next, you can run the tests:
$ npm test
Or start the program in development mode:
$ npm start
To build a production release, run this:
$ GITHASH=<version> npm run build:<platform>
Replace <version> with a string that will be added to the filenames of the built packages, e.g. 0.6.13 or a short githash: f4b6771. This only affects the filenames, but needs to be set.
Replace <platform> with the name of your platform: linux, macos, windows or all.
The binaries will be created in <root>/release.